In a quick search of Stainless Steel Water bottles, you will find out more than 80 million+ results. Until today, there still have lots of people who don’t know what’s different by using plastic water bottles from stainless steel water bottles. From 2012, the U.S food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups. Why? Cause BPA is harmful to your health, not like stainless bottles that contain no plastic are 100% BPA free.

Until today, people are getting to know more about the benefits of using stainless steel water bottles to drink water. The market for stainless steel water bottles is getting bigger and bigger, especially the kid’s stainless steel water bottle in the sublimation market.

Our New 350ml Stainless Steel Kid’s Water Bottle is full of 304 food-grade stainless steel with BPA free, and it’s double walled, to keep your drink cold for hours. In addition to being chemical-free, stainless steel water bottles are rust, corrosion and stain resistant with our well design. And this Kid’s sublimation stainless steel water bottle with internal straw included, and you can pop open the lid, which is super cool. Also, our High-quality stainless steel water bottles do not retain flavors. So you can rest assured that no matter what you fill it with, you won’t wind up with a cup of coffee or juice-tasting water in the morning.

We offer 2 colors of this 350ml Kid’s stainless steel water bottle, blue, green, purple & pink, totally meet the needs of customers. With a clip to allow kids to easily attach to their backpacks to carry around, and the hat of the straw can totally protect your drinks clean and safe. Last but not least, you can customize any pictures in this water bottle with perfect full Printing, making your kid be the unique one. Another important point is the Leak-Proof of this water bottle. Most stainless water bottles will have a little bit of shooting water out of spout or straw when screwing the lid. By using our stainless steel water bottle with internal straw, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Absolutely leakproof protect with no worry even when you are doing strenuous exercise.

Anyway, we want every kid to drink clean and chemical-free water by using this stainless steel bottle. The age range of these products is less than or equal to a six-year-old child. It’s a great chance to start your sublimation business with this Kid’s stainless steel bottle.