Phone case was get into the market since 2007 when Iphone was get into people’s daily life and sublimation phone case started to be getting popular when Iphone 4 came into the market and it was going to the PEAK when IPhone 5 was launched into the market in Sep. 2012 . LOPO was established in 2011 and luckly we were growing very well with sublimation phone case business, we were the first company who open the injection factory to produce sublimation phone case only in late 2012 ,we invest all of the incomes we have and then we get our initially invest back within 3 months and then move into the bigger factory from 500spm to 1500spm within half a year .

Sublimation phone case made LOPO get the chance to keep moving deeper into sublimation industry to be a professional sublimation suppliers, so it means a lot for us . Although we close the injection factory for producing plastic shell of the phone case earlier 2013 ,focusing on assembling ,QC checking and developing new materials for sublimation phone case, we are still quite competitive on both quality and price of sublimation phone case and we do appreciated that lots of our customers are keep working with us since first beginning till now .

Sublimation phone case become a very stable category due it is an accessory that all of us must have for our daily life ,Lopo keep developing new materials and new models of phone case to support all of our customers to be competitive .

Our principle is never launch the phone case for new models of smart phone until we are 100% sure that it can fit with the real phone .We have our own QC and assembling line and keep most popular models in stock to ensure our customers a fast delivery and high quality to be guaranteed . Except the most common TPU and PC case ,we are the first company who had been managed to developed the wireless charger free sublimation phone case, like Flexi TPU case with PET insert ,TPU case with Tempered glass insert and bamboo insert ,etc .

We will keep working to developing new materials to bring more interesting and useful products in order to make our customer to be more competitive while let more people can try sublimation phone case to get their own personalized phone case to make their life memorable !

Factory Flow Chart

Sublimation Phone Case Factory

Sublimation Phone Case Factory