About Tumbler Factory

Stainless Steel Tumbler is a common products that everybody would know how to use and the function of it ,but a personalized Tumbler was a new idea that had been came into people’s life since the end of 2018 ,and it become a very popular category among the sublimation industry since 2020 and going to be booming in 2021 because the Tumbler press is developed and pushed into the market ,it did changes peoples life a lot ,a personalized tumbler is just as easy as to printing anormal ceramic mugs and besides ,there are several types with different capacity and functions for users to choose .

With the noticing of the growing market for sublimation tumblers, Lopo as a manufacturer of heat press machines and sublimation blanks, invest in a stainless steel tumbler factory since earlier 2019 in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, which would take 2 hours by fly from our head office in Shenzhen .

The main reason we invest in a tumbler factory is we have reliable partners who share the same value of doing business which is quality go first and always trying our best to make our customers to be competitive .

At our tumbler factory ,our daily output is 8,000pcs of tumbler and we do all the steps ,from raw material to coated tumbler by ourselves to ensure high quality ,together with the tumbler, we managed to develop the tumbler press to let customers can print tumbler in full very easily . So what we can offer to our customers is not just a blank coated tumbler for sublimation but also a tumbler press to print ,no matter it is the common shape or unique shape .You think ,we make, we would be very glad to help you to get your ideas to come true !

Factory Flow Chart