About Slate & Glass Factory

Sublimation Photo Slate and Glass are two most common category as photo panel in sublimation industry . Slate is well known for its nature while glass is famous for its glossy and shinny surface for perfect printing result.

Besides, glass cutting board make lots of family’s kitchen be personalized to be reality

Lopo’s slate, glass and ceramic tiles factory is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi where is about 6 hours to drive from their office in Shenzhen ,the only reason to choose to have a factory that far away from the office is because the labor cost over there is much cheaper while we found the right partner over there who can help us control both quality and price

At this factory ,we have production line for slate ,glass and ceramics tiles ,and also have a coating line for mugs, but we only do glass mugs at this factory ,due the ceramic mugs are all be produced in Zibo Shangdong where all the sublimation ceramic mugs from.

With large capacity of the factory and professional team ,we can get the goods ready on time while also can do customized products upon your request if there is any special requirement

Slate Factory Flow Chart

Ceramic Factory Flow Chart

Glass Factory Flow Chart