Sublimation Tote Bags with Large Space and Elegant Color Block Design – 36*48CM


Elevate Your Everyday with Sublimation Tote Bags—Where Style Meets Spacious Simplicity, Making Your Daily Carry Effortless and Chic.

  • Material: Linen
  • Size: H36*W48CM
  • Color: Flaxen, Natural color
  • Packing: 50 Units/CTN, CTN Size 48*48*35cm, Gross weight 15.8KG
  • Printing parameter:
    160°C(320°F),15S — Transfer by DTF
    215°C(419°F),45S — Transfer by Sublimation
  • Item No.: M.03.01.0241(Black with Flaxen), M.03.01.0242(Black with Linen Natural Color)

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Sublimation Tote Bags with Large Space and Elegant Color Block Design

Discover the perfect fusion of style and practicality in our sublimation tote bags, meticulously crafted from premium linen in Flaxen or Natural color. Beyond being a chic accessory, these totes redefine functionality, offering a spacious solution for hand luggage on holidays or a trendy companion for a casual day at the beach. Embracing values of durability and comfort, these bags become a canvas for customization, empowering business owners to showcase their unique designs.

Key Features

  • Premium Linen Material: A touch of luxury, ensuring comfort and durability.
  • Large Capacity: Seamlessly transition from holiday hand luggage to a stylish beach companion.
  • Perfect Printing: Express yourself with doubleside printable and full-width Natural linen color section.
  • Secure Closure: Your belongings stay put with a secure zipped mouth.
  • Durable and Dirt Resistant: Resilient material for lasting elegance.
Sublimation Tote Bags Recommended Settings

Sublimation Tote Bags Recommended Settings