Woven Sublimation Tie Blanks with Pinstripe – 6CM

SKU 5118091

Versatile Elegance: Woven Sublimation Tie with Pinstripe – a perfect blend of business casual and personalized style.

  • Material:100% Polyester
  • Packing: 50pcs/ (31*23*25cm)
  • Printing Parameter: 180°C(356°F),60S
  • ITEM NO.: 5118091

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Woven Sublimation Tie Blanks with Pinstripe – 6CM

Elevate business casual with our Woven Sublimation Tie Blanks with Pinstripe – 6CM. Crafted for versatility, customization, and an impeccable sense of style.

Ideal for resellers seeking a versatile and customizable tie that blends business casual chic with personal style.

Choose LOPO for sublimation blanks that make a statement in every setting.

sublimation tie blanks

sublimation tie blanks printing process


  • Business Casual Chic: The pinstripe design adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for business casual and less formal settings. Provide resellers with a versatile tie option suitable for various occasions, adding a polished yet relaxed touch to any outfit.
  • Customizable Sublimation Prints: Print any image you desire, showcasing your unique taste and personal style. Empower resellers and customers to create personalized ties that tell a story and reflect individuality in every wear.
  • Suitable for Any Occasion: The tie suits various occasions, emphasizing your good taste and mastery in tie selection. Offer a product that adapts to different settings, from business meetings to special events, enhancing its value for customers.
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality woven polyester for durability and a refined look. Assure resellers and customers of a well-crafted tie that combines style, versatility, and lasting quality.
  • Thoughtful Gift Option: Ideal for gifting to a beloved one, offering a stylish accessory for important occasions. Position the tie as a thoughtful and personalized gift option, perfect for expressing love and appreciation.