Sublimation Printing Fabric Linen Fabric in Roll


Sublimation printing fabric is an excellent choice for sublimation business owners due to its high-quality material and large size. It allows for vibrant and long-lasting prints, making it perfect for creating custom designs on various types of projects.

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Sublimation Printing Fabric Linen Fabric in Roll

Sublimation printing fabric provides numerous advantages for sublimation entrepreneurs. The fabric is composed of durable, soft, and comfortable polyester linen material. Its high-quality material and large size make it an ideal choice for creating vibrant and long-lasting prints on various types of DTF printing and sublimation projects. This makes it a valuable asset for businesses looking to offer custom design services to their clients. The target clients for this product would be sublimation printing businesses, textile printing companies, and designers who require high-quality linen fabrics for their custom designs.


  • High-quality polyester linen material – Provides a durable and long-lasting fabric that can withstand multiple washes and wear.
  • Excellent color retention and clarity – Ensures that the colors remain vibrant and clear, even when subjected to washes and wear.
  • Soft and comfortable to the touch – Offers a comfortable and luxurious feel to garments or fabrics, which is essential for customer satisfaction.
  • Vibrant and detailed printing – Allows for high-quality and detailed designs that can be applied to various types of linen fabrics.
  • Offers a wide range of applications – Suitable for a variety of products, including clothing, home decor, and accessories, providing businesses with a wide range of offerings to attract more clients.
  • Available in large rolls – Enables efficient and cost-effective production for high-volume orders.
  • Resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling – Ensures that the fabric will maintain its quality and appearance for a long time even after multiple washes and wears.
  • Ideal for producing custom designs and patterns – Enables businesses to produce unique designs and patterns that can be customized for their clients.


  • Nature Linen Fabric In Roll: 460gsm-1.45*50M/Roll
  • Linen Fabric -Pure White: 280gsm – 1.5*50m/roll
  • Linen Fabric In Roll-Light Blue: 280gsm – 1.5*50m/roll
  • Linen Fabric In Roll-Dark Blue: 280gsm – 1.5*50m/roll
  • Linen Fabric In Roll-Green: 280gsm – 1.5*50m/roll
  • Packing: 1 Roll/CTN, 36KG in gross weight, CTN Size 150*25*25cm

Pressing Instructions

215 ℃ 45 sec Medium