11oz Sublimation Pencil Holder – White

SKU 5510044

Vivid Impressions: Experience vivid and lasting impressions with our best-selling sublimation white mug, a staple for bulk orders.

  • Material:Ceramic
  • Size: Dia:8.3cm ,Height:11.7cm
  • Printing : Standard mug heater
  • Packing(Egg Cell):36pcs/carton (43*29*36cm)
  • ITEM NO.: 5510044

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11oz Sublimation Pencil Holder – White

Introducing the 11oz Sublimation Pencil Holder in White – a versatile and best-selling addition to our sublimation blanks collection.

Elevate your offerings with this high-quality mug designed for resellers seeking both style and functionality.

Make a mark in the market with our 11oz Sublimation Pencil Holder – the go-to choice for resellers seeking a versatile and popular sublimation blank.

Choose LOPO for products that combine quality, style, and mass appeal.


  • Best-Selling 11oz Mug: The 11oz sublimation white mug stands out as the most sellable item in the market, offering a perfect canvas for personalized creations. Assure resellers of the product’s popularity, providing a reliable option for their customers.
  • High-Quality Glossy Coating: Our pencil holder boasts a high-quality glossy coating, ensuring that printed images are vivid and long-lasting. Emphasize the superior coating, highlighting the mug’s capability to showcase vibrant and detailed designs.
  • Perfect for Wholesalers: Designed with wholesalers in mind, this pencil holder is perfect for bulk orders, allowing resellers to meet high demand seamlessly. Promote the product as an ideal choice for wholesalers, offering a practical solution for their inventory needs.