Poly-Pu Sublimation Passport Covers – White

SKU M.03.25.0006

Built to Last: Explore High-Temperature and Water-Resistant Sublimation Passport Covers

  • Material: Poly-Pu
  • Color: White
  • printing technique: Vinyl, Sublimation, DTF
  • Size: 10*14CM
  • Item No.: M.03.25.0006

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Poly-Pu Sublimation Passport Covers – White

Elevate travel accessories with our Poly-Pu Sublimation Passport Covers.

Boasting elegant texture, high-temperature and water resistance, they promise impeccable printing results, ideal for personalized gifts or promotional merchandise.

Key Features

  • Elegant Texture: Luxurious Poly-Pu material adds sophistication to passport covers.
  • High-Temperature and Water Resistance: Provides durability and protection against varying conditions during travel.
  • Impeccable Printing Results: Ensures vibrant and detailed prints, enhancing the visual appeal of customized passport covers.
Poly-Pu Sublimation Passport Covers

Poly-Pu Sublimation Passport Covers



Powerful Performance

Not only can a passport holder withstand the high temperature of printing, but it will not be damaged by high temperature, and it is also resistant to water, which is not easy to penetrate into the passport holder.

Considerate Inner Design

There are two big compartments, one of which is transparent so that you can place your ID in a convenient looking. And it has three small compartments for placing name cards or credit cards.