Felt Sublimation Ornaments Wholesale Air Freshener Christmas Tree Decoration – Heart/Oval/Square/Rectangle/Round Design


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Elevate Holiday Decor with Customizable Sublimation Ornaments Wholesale Felt Decoration Ornaments

  • Material: Polyester Felt
  • Design: Heart/Oval/Square/Rectangle/Round Design
  • Printing Parameters: 180°C (356°F), 60s
  • Printing Machine: GS-105HS
  • Item No.: M.03.20.0142 – Round 80MM/M.03.20.0143 – Square 80MM /M.03.20.0144 – Rectangle 67*93MM/M.03.20.0145 – Heart 77*80MM/M.03.20.0146 – Ovel 80*100MM

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Felt Sublimation Ornaments Wholesale – Heart/Oval/Square/Rectangle/Round Design

Elevate your holiday offerings with our felt sublimation ornaments wholesale air freshener Christmas tree decorations. Crafted for vibrant sublimation prints, these lightweight, durable ornaments infuse festive spaces with both charm and fragrance, ensuring memorable gifts or promotional items.


  • Hight-quality Prints: White base color for beautiful sublimation results, enhance the visual appeal of various designs. Idea for creating aesthetically pleasing ornaments.
  • Competitive Price: Cost-effective ornaments compared to existing MDF or aluminum products. Super lightweight to save on shipping costs. Offers affordability without compromising on quality, making it easier for dealers to marketing it with higher profits.
  • Versatile Decoration: Suitable for various settings like Christmas trees, parties, and decorative arrangements. Allows for creative and seasonal decorations, adding value through adaptability.
  • Enhanced Rigidity: Customized Felt material with enhanced rigidity to offers reliable, long-lasting ornaments that retain their shape and quality over time.
  • Air Freshener:Spraying perfume allows for long-lasting fragrance. Perfect for car and indoor aromatherapy ornaments, creating a fresher and more comfortable environment.
  • Short Production Lead Time: We maintain constant stock of the raw material to ensure a short production lead time with fast shipping.

Pressing Instructions

180 ℃ 60 sec Medium