Sublimation Mouse Pad – Heart Design – 3mm & 5mm


Heartfelt Impressions: Add emotion to promotions with our sublimation mouse pad featuring a heart design.

  • Material: White Fabric + Rubber
  • Size:23*20cm
  • Printing Parameter: 180°C(356°F),60S
  • ITEM NO.: 3mm-5117008; 5mm-5117009

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Sublimation Mouse Pad – Heart Design – 3mm & 5mm

Elevate your offerings with our Sublimation Mouse Pad – Heart Design – 3mm & 5mm. Ideal for resellers catering to customers seeking unique and emotionally resonant accessories for promotions, gifts, or personal keepsakes. Choose Lopo for innovative designs that seamlessly blend style and functionality, creating lasting impressions.


  • Heart-Shaped Elegance: Unique heart design transforms the ordinary mouse pad into a canvas for heartfelt expressions. Create emotional connections with customers through personalized designs on a unique heart-shaped surface.
  • Variety of Shapes: Explore round, heart, or rectangle shapes to cater to diverse customer preferences. Offer a range of options, ensuring your customers find the perfect shape to complement their brand or personal style.
  • Sleek Thickness: Streamlined thickness enhances usability and comfort for seamless mouse movement. Strike the perfect balance between style and functionality with a slim profile that ensures a comfortable workspace.
  • Perfect for Various Occasions: Ideal for promotions, artwork showcasing, personalized gifts, and cherished keepsakes. Provide resellers with a versatile product that suits various occasions, from corporate promotions to heartfelt personal gifts.
  • Effortless Sublimation Printing: Achieve vibrant prints with ease, allowing for intricate designs and detailed artwork. Empower resellers to offer high-quality, customized mouse pads effortlessly, meeting the demands of their discerning customers.