Sublimation Marker Pens – 12/18 Colors


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Revolutionize Customization with Sublimation Marker Pens.

  • No Sublimation Paper Needed
  • Direct Drawing on Substrates
  • Vivid and Durable Colors
  • Three Tip Sizes

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Sublimation Marker Pens – 12/18 Colors

Elevate your customization game with our sublimation marker pens – 12/18 Colors, featuring vibrant pigments and seamless direct drawing onto various surfaces like ceramics, fabric, glass, and wood. Ideal for creating personalized gifts and promotional items without the need for sublimation papers, saving time and costs for your business.


  • No Sublimation Paper Needed: Allows direct drawing on A4 paper for heat transfer onto ceramics, fabric, glass, and wood, reducing costs and simplifying DIY projects.
  • Direct Drawing on Substrates: Enables users to draw directly on mugs, t-shirts, shoes, and other substrates, followed by heat pressing to set the design, offering flexibility and creativity.
  • Vivid and Durable Colors: Uses acrylic pigment ink for strong adhesion, vibrant colors, sun resistance, and wash durability, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality results.
  • Three Tip Sizes: Includes 0.5mm for fine lines and detailing, 1.0mm and 2.0mm for filling and painting, offering versatility and precision in artistic applications.
  • Extended Ink Lifespan: Each marker can cover up to 150 meters continuously (1.0mm and 2.0mm tips) or 100 meters (0.5mm tip), optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Wide Application Range: Ideal for creating personalized T-shirts, canvas bags, sneakers, and more, catering to diverse customer preferences.
  • Long Shelf Life: Shelf life of up to 2 years ensures product longevity and reliability for storage and use.


  • The ink has some volatility. Ensure the pen cap is tightly closed after use to prevent the tip from drying out in the air, which can affect performance.
  • For better wash resistance, it is recommended to paint on paper first and then transfer it onto products using heat at 180 degrees Celsius. This method provides superior washing durability compared to painting directly onto products.