Sublimation Hand Towels – 40*63CM

SKU 5120005

Sublimation Hand Towels – The ideal canvas for skin-friendly comfort and vibrant full-color printing, offering dealers and wholesalers a lucrative opportunity to meet the ever-growing demand for daily consumption products.

  • Material: Polyester/Cotton
  • Size:40*63cm
  • Packing: 57*45*44cm
  • Printing Parameters: 180℃ 45’s
  • ITEM NO.:5120005

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Sublimation Hand Towels – 40*63CM

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and customization with our sublimation hand towels. In a market where skin-friendly and comfortable daily consumption products are in high demand, Lopo’s newly released towel family emerges as the perfect choice to expand your business. Crafted for ultimate comfort, these towels offer a canvas for vibrant full-color printing, providing endless possibilities for personalized designs. From daily use to gifting, these hand towels cater to diverse scenarios, making them an essential addition to your product line. Customize with unique designs, logos, or branding to meet the rising consumer demand for personalized and high-quality daily essentials.


  • Skin-Friendly and Comfortable: Crafted for ultimate comfort, ideal for daily use.
  • Vibrant Full-Color Printing: Offers a canvas for personalized designs with vibrant full-color printing.
  • High Market Demand: Daily consumption product, meeting the hot and high demand in the market.
  • Newly Released Towel Family: Lopo’s latest addition, providing dealers and wholesalers with fresh and lucrative options.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for daily use and gifting, catering to diverse consumer needs.
  • Business Expansion Opportunity: Perfect choice to expand your business by offering in-demand and customizable essentials.