22oz Sublimation Glass Beer Mug

SKU 5610007

Functional Design, Customization Bliss: Experience the perfect fusion of functionality and customization with our thoughtfully crafted glass beer mug.

  • Material: Glass
  • Size:Dia: 8.6cm,Height:15.6cm
  • Printing: Oven
  • Packing:24pcs/carton (41*31*36cm)
  • ITEM NO.: 5610007
  • Printing Parameters:  190℃,50 seconds

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22oz Sublimation Glass Beer Mug

Introducing our 22oz Sublimation Glass Beer Mug – where form meets function, offering a larger size option for those who appreciate a generous pour.

Crafted with precision, this glass mug is an ideal canvas for sublimation, ensuring your designs are as crisp as the beverages they hold.

Whether for customized gifts or promotional merchandise, the 22oz Sublimation Glass Beer Mug offers a perfect blend of style and functionality for resellers well-versed in sublimation blanks.


  • Generous 22oz Size: Offer your customers a larger canvas for their designs, perfect for those who prefer a more substantial pour. Provide resellers the opportunity to cater to customers seeking a bigger, more satisfying drinking experience.
  • Thick Glass Construction: Crafted with thick glass, this mug is ideal for frosting, ensuring beverages stay refreshingly cool until the last drop. Highlight the quality construction that not only enhances the drinking experience but also serves as an excellent canvas for sublimation prints.
  • Comfortable Drinking Experience: The rounded top and small vertical panels at the bottom contribute to a comfortable and stylish drinking experience. Emphasize the attention to design details that make this glass mug stand out, both in functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Sturdy Handle: Designed with a sturdy handle to prevent warm hands from affecting the beer’s temperature prematurely. Showcase the practicality of the mug, ensuring that the chill of the beer is preserved for as long as possible.