Sublimation Dartboard Blanks – PU Material – 25cm/30cm/45cm In Dia


These sublimation dartboard blanks are made out of fabric+ PU leather.

It is widely used in many occastions: home, bars, party, sports club, or many other entertainment places.

The traditional darts use sharp needles, which is dangerous to use, especially for kids.

That’s why we bring a new dartboard: sublimation flexi PU dartboard.

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Sublimation Dartboard Blanks – PU Material – 25cm/30cm/45cm In Dia

Whether you’re looking to play professional darts or just-for-fun, you can enhance your skills with our sublimation dartboard blanks!


  • Easily Hang: Dartboard comes with a hook to easily hang in any room
  • Individual packaging: 1 pc Dartboard with 6 darts
  • Fabric +PU leather: The front is the fabric with the PU feeling and the back is the PU leather
  • The Magnetized DartBoard is Safe for Children to Use


  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: S:25cm/M:30cm/L:45cm in dia
  • Printing Parameters: 160??C??320??F??, 80S


  • S:20pcs/ctn(29*29*42cm),10kg
  • M: 20pcs/ctn(34*34*40cm),14kg
  • L:24pcs/ctn(49*49*34cm) ,30kg


Pressing Instructions

160 ℃ 80 sec Medium