6oz Sublimation Coffee Mugs

SKU 5510020

Create, Customize, Cherish: Craft your moments with our versatile 6oz Coffee Mugs – the epitome of personalized beverage ware.

  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: 6oz
  • Packing: 40*32*26cm
  • Printing Parameters: 180℃ 60’s
  • ITEM NO.: 5510020

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6oz Sublimation Coffee Mugs

Elevate your sublimation game with the 6oz Sublimation Coffee Mugs – a timeless classic reimagined for customization.

Crafted with precision and available in various materials, these mugs offer a canvas for your creativity, making every sip an experience.

Craft your moments, express your sentiments, and savor every sip with these Coffee Mugs.

Ideal for resellers seeking a versatile and popular sublimation blank for personalized gifts or promotional merchandise.

Choose LOPO for sublimation blanks that transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.


  • Timeless Sublimation: Sublimation mugs have stood the test of time as the most popular product in sublimation, seamlessly blending into our daily lives. Reassure resellers of the product’s enduring popularity and widespread use, making it a reliable choice for customization.
  • Express Your Love: Create a customized mug with your own design to express love and appreciation for the ones who matter. Use a mug press or oven for easy and precise customization. Emphasize the emotional value, positioning the mugs as a meaningful canvas for personal expressions.
  • Versatile Materials: Choose from a variety of materials such as ceramic, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more, offering endless possibilities for customization. Promote the versatility of material options, allowing customers to select the perfect mug for their unique preferences.