Sublimation Card Holder – PU Material – Pink/Black/Blue


PU sublimation card holder with supreme quality, fine leather, smooth texture and vivid image transfer.
Three fantastic colors for your choice for customized printing: black, pink, blue.

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Sublimation Card Holder – PU Material – Pink/Black/Blue

The sublimation card holder is made with high quality PU material, protected from information hacker and data thieves and keep your credit cards safe


  • Material: Excellent PU material with high quality
  • Durability: made with luxurious PU leather,soft,slim,thin,durable, perfect for both women and men.
  • Surprise design: with elastic belts for clsoing, so it’s easy to close
  • Sulimation: The cover and inner can be separated, whole part is heat resistant and both sides can be printed at the same time.


  • Material: PU leather
  • Size:10.6*8.1cm
  • Packing:100pcs,32*23*25cm,10.5kg
  • Printing Parameters:160°C, 80S

Pressing Instructions

160 ℃ 80 sec Medium