Non-woven Shopping Bags Sublimation Blank – 38x31x12cm

SKU 5118014

Blank Canvas, Endless Possibilities: Non-woven Shopping Bags Sublimation Blank – Your versatile solution for promotional events and occasions.

  • Material: 100% Non-woven fabric 100G/sqm
  • Size:31*38*12cm
  • Packing: 100pcs/( 42*37*21cm)
  • Printing Parameter: 180°C(356°F),60S
  • ITEM NO.: 5118014

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Non-woven Shopping Bags Sublimation Blank – 38x31x12cm

Transform promotions with our Non-woven Shopping Bags Sublimation Blank – available in two regular sizes (38x31x12cm, 42.5x37cm).

Crafted from 100% non-woven fabric, these bags offer a versatile canvas for personalized sublimation prints.

Ideal for resellers seeking a customizable and impactful solution for promotional merchandise.

Choose LOPO for sublimation blanks that turn promotional events into memorable brand experiences.


  • 100% Non-woven Fabric: Crafted with the highest quality non-woven fabric, our shopping bags guarantee durability and sustainability. Assure resellers and customers of a reliable and eco-friendly option for promoting their brand or event.
  • Two Regular Sizes: Select the ideal size for your needs – 38x31x12cm or 42.5x37cm – providing flexibility for various occasions. Offer resellers and customers options that cater to different requirements, ensuring the shopping bags fit seamlessly into their promotional strategies.
  • Competitive Price: Despite their high quality, our Non-woven Shopping Bags Sublimation Blanks come at a competitive price. Highlight the cost-effectiveness of our bags, positioning them as a practical and affordable solution for businesses seeking impactful promotional items.
  • Perfect for Promotion Events: Tailored for promotional events, these bags offer a perfect balance of style and functionality. Emphasize the suitability of our shopping bags for creating brand awareness and making a memorable impact during promotional activities.
  • Versatile Occasion Solution: Whether for promotions, trade shows, or events, our shopping bags are the ideal solution for various occasions. Promote the versatility of our sublimation blanks, making them a go-to choice for businesses looking for a dynamic and effective promotional item.