PU Photo Panel Sublimation Blanks – 5*7″ / 8*10″ Size


PU leather photo panel sublimation blanks with high quality fabric surface.

Be unique compared to normal glass and MDF panel, lighter, cheaper, and offer wonderful printing results.

With removable adhesive holder, easy to assembly.

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PU Photo Panel Sublimation Blanks – 5*7″ / 8*10″ Size

The photo panel sublimation blanks are made of high quality PU leather, our photo panel is durable and can be used for many years and also great gifts for storing many precious memories for all occasions, such as weddings, family trips, school, holidays, anniversaries, baby births, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.


  • High quality fabric surface
  • Black PU leather back
  • Removeable stand
  • Vertical&Landscape shape acceptable


  • Material:Leather feeling fabric+PU Leather Back
  • Size: S:5*7″, L:8*10″
  • Packing:S:100pcs/( 40*30*22cm),7.5kg, L:100pcs/( 48*29*39cm),14.kg
  • Printing Parameter: 180??C??356??F??, 60S