Plastic Sublimation Photo Frame With Aluminum Insert & Nature Wood Texture


Enhance Displays with Aluminum-Infused Sublimation Photo Frame

  • Material: Plastic + Aluminum
  • Color: Nature Wood/Black/White
  • Size: 23*28CM/18*23CM/13*18cm
  • Printing Parameters: 180°C (356°F), 45s

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Why Develop Plastic Frame Sublimation Blanks with Aluminum Insert

  • Photo panel sublimation blanks play a crucial role in sublimation printing. Thanks to their high-definition reproduction and color fastness, they ensure top-notch quality and irreplaceability in the realm of heat transfer products.
  • Aluminum sheets and panels are a well-established product line in the realm of sublimation blanks, known for their easy transfer process and excellent color reproduction.
  • Our previous wooden photo frame blanks garnered positive customer feedback, but high costs resulted in sluggish sales. Therefore, we opted to transition to plastic, which significantly reduces costs with minimal visual difference compared to wood.
  • Sales of 1mm thick aluminum frames in the market have been strong, boasting exceptional quality, prompting us to promote them alongside our other offerings.

Plastic Sublimation Photo Frame With Aluminum Insert & Nature Wood Texture

Introducing our Plastic Sublimation Photo Frame with Aluminum Insert & Nature Wood Texture, a blend of affordability and elegance. Ideal for sublimation blanks resellers looking to offer customized gifts and promotional items that captivate with vibrant imagery and lasting quality.

Plastic Sublimation Photo Frame With Aluminum Insert & Nature Wood Texture

Plastic Sublimation Photo Frame With Aluminum Insert & Nature Wood Texture


  • High-Quality Sublimation Transfer: Achieve flawless heat transfers with high-definition images that boast vivid colors and long-lasting durability, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design: The minimalist plastic frame in classic colors complements any decor, providing versatility for both portrait and landscape orientations. This convenience enhances display options and appeals to a wide range of customers.
  • Cost-Effective Aluminum Inserts: Aluminum inserts facilitate easy and vibrant image transfers, making the frames perfect for showcasing photographs, awards, and personalized gifts. This feature reduces production costs while maintaining superior visual appeal.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Designed for wall-mounted display, our frames offer flexibility in showcasing photos, certificates, and promotional materials, maximizing their utility for various customer needs and preferences.

Model No.

  • M.05.22.0024: 23*28CM/Nature Wood
  • M.05.22.0025: 23*28CM/Black
  • M.05.22.0026: 23*28CM/White
  • M.05.22.0027: 18*23CM/Nature Wood
  • M.05.22.0028: 18*23CM/Black
  • M.05.22.0029: 18*23CM/White
  • M.05.22.0030: 13*18CM/Nature Wood
  • M.05.22.0031: 13*18CM/Black
  • M.05.22.0032: 13*18CM/White

Pressing Instructions

180 ℃ 45 sec Medium