Linen Sublimation Placemats – Round-Dia 38cm-Dual Layers-Sewed Egde

SKU M.03.01.0176

Enhance dining experience with our Sublimation Placemats – a perfect blend of nature’s linen, washable durability, and a fabulous printing result. Dealers and wholesalers, offer your customers a touch of elegance that combines practicality and personalized style.

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Linen Sublimation Placemats – Round-Dia 38cm-Dual Layers-Sewed Egde

Introducing our round sublimation placemats, crafted from natural linen material, offering both sophistication and durability. These placemats feature dual layers and sewed edges for enhanced longevity, making them not only washable but also an exquisite canvas for vivid custom prints. Whether it’s for home dining, upscale restaurants, or personalized gifts, these placemats bring a touch of nature to the table while providing customization business owners with a versatile product that caters to various markets. Explore the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality for your customers.


  • Fabulous Printing Result: Achieve vibrant and detailed custom prints that add a personalized touch to any dining setting.
  • Natural Linen Material: Crafted from natural linen, providing an elegant and environmentally friendly option.
  • Dual Layers for Durability: Ensures longevity with dual layers, making the placemats robust and resistant to wear.
  • Sewed Edge Finish: Delivers a polished look while enhancing the overall durability of the placemats.
  • Washable and Easy to Clean: Practical and convenient for everyday use, maintaining the placemats’ pristine appearance.
  • Customization Ready: Tailor these placemats to suit any theme or style, providing endless possibilities for personalization.
  • Versatile Application Scenarios: Ideal for home dining, restaurants, events, and as personalized gifts for special occasions.


  • Material: Linen
  • Size: Dia 38cm
  • Packing: 200pcs/ctn, 45*45*38cm, 20kg
  • Printing parameter: 215°C(419°F),45S
  • Item No.:M.03.01.0176