Satin Flag with Tassel Sublimation Blanks


Elevate spaces with our satin flag sublimation blanks, offering vibrant colors and customizable flair for personalized, standout decor.

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: 15*18cm
  • Packing: 100pcs/carton (26*24*19cm)
  • Printing Parameter: 180°C(356°F),60S
  • ITEM NO.: 5118009 – Blue; 5118011 – White; 5118010 – Green; 5118020 – Black; 5118021 – Red

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Transform spaces with our flags sublimation blanks for a personalized touch.

  • Dye Sublimation Flags: Infuse spaces with personalized flair and vibrant, lasting colors. Utilize dye sublimation for detailed, colorful prints that capture attention and enhance customization.
  • Colorful Tassel Options: Choose from five striking colors to match any decor or brand aesthetic.
  • Decorate Front Doors: Make a statement with customized pennants, enhancing the appeal of homes or offices. Elevate curb appeal and create memorable first impressions with uniquely designed front door decor.
  • Standout Office Decor: Enhance office spaces with personalized flags that reflect brand identity. Foster a positive and unique work environment, leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees.
  • Promotional Merchandise: Perfect for creating branded promotional items that leave a lasting impact. Craft promotional merchandise that stands out, ensuring your client’s brand gets noticed at events and beyond.