Ceramic Shower Set Sublimation Blanks

SKU M.04.24.0081

Material: Ceramic

Size: Master Carton:24pcs/CTN; 38*37.4*38.8cm; Gross weight11.8KG

Packing: 52*28*35CM

Printing Parameters:  180℃ 60‘s

ITEM NO.: M.04.24.0081

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Ceramic Shower Set Sublimation Blanks

Our pledge to excellence compels us to continuously strive for perfection, optimizing every detail, aspect, and embellishment of our products until they overflow with opulence.

Crafted from bone china, known for its superior whiteness and exquisite beauty, it represents the ultimate fusion of ceramic and steel, ensuring our creations elevate any space for eternity.

This stunning ensemble is equipped with everything a captivating bathroom needs and is an ideal choice for friends, family, and coworkers. Unparalleled for those seeking to enhance their space with a sleek polish and flair.