New Canvas Sublimation Pillow Case Blanks – 40*40CM/45*45CM


Ultimate Comfort and Versatility: Explore Lopo’s Premium Canvas Sublimation Pillow Case Blanks

  • Material: Canvas 
  • Size: 45*45cm; 40*40cm 
  • Packing: 100pcs(45*45*20cm); 100pcs(45*45*30cm) 
  • Printing Parameters: 180°C(356°F),60S 
  • ITEM NO.: 5112027-40*40cm; 5112028-45*45cm

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New Canvas Sublimation Pillow Case Blanks – 40*40CM/45*45CM

Elevate your sublimation game with our New Canvas Sublimation Pillow Case Blanks. Crafted from premium canvas material, these pillow cases offer a natural feel, washability, and versatility, perfect for resellers seeking customizable gifts or promotional merchandise.

Lopo also offers a diverse range of pillowcases crafted from various materials, such as linen, peach velvet, soft linen, sequin, glossy, poly PU, canvas, and charpie. This rich selection ensures that users can discover the ideal pillowcase for any specific application or setting.


  • Premium Canvas Material: Crafted from high-quality canvas material, providing a natural and comfortable feel.
  • Washable and Durable: Designed to withstand regular washing without losing color or quality, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Replaceable Inner: Equipped with invisible strong zippers, allowing for easy replacement of the inner pillow, enhancing convenience and flexibility.
  • Two Size Options: Choose from two popular sizes, including the hot-selling 4040cm and the larger 4545cm, catering to diverse customer preferences.