Baby Grow Sublimation Blank – Grey


Tiny Trends, Big Impressions: Baby Grow Sublimation Blank – Where flexibility meets fashion for the little ones.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Color Choice: Pink, Grey, White
  • Size: 0-24 Months
  • Packing: 100pcs/CTN )
  • CTN Size: 43*32*22
  • Printing Parameters: 195℃(383℉),45’S

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Baby Grow Sublimation Blank – Grey

Introducing our Baby Grow Sublimation Blank– the perfect canvas for creating adorable and personalized baby apparel.

Crafted with flexibility and ease of use in mind, this baby grow is designed for effortless sublimation printing.

Explore the world of baby fashion with our Sublimation Baby Grow in White.

Ideal for resellers seeking a customizable and comfortable solution for personalized baby apparel.

Choose LOPO for sublimation blanks that redefine baby fashion with style and practicality.

Sublimation Baby Grow Size Chart

Sublimation Baby Grow Size Chart


  • Full Size Range (0-24 months): Our Sublimation Baby Grow is available in a full range of sizes, catering to babies from 0 to 24 months. Offer resellers and customers the convenience of choosing the perfect size for their little ones, ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • Flexible 100% Polyester Material: Crafted with flexibility in mind, this baby grow is made of 100% polyester for maximum comfort and mobility. Assure resellers and customers of a soft and stretchable material that provides an ideal combination of comfort and ease of movement.
  • Easy to Take Off: Designed for practicality, this baby grow features easy removal, ensuring hassle-free changing for parents. Highlight the convenience of our baby grow, making it a parent-friendly choice for busy days and nights.
  • Reinforced 3 Snap Closure: The baby grow is equipped with a reinforced 3 snap closure for secure fastening and durability. Emphasize the reliability of our closure system, ensuring that the baby grow stays securely in place during playtime and naps.
  • Perfect for Sublimation Printing: Tailored for sublimation, our baby grow provides a perfect canvas for creating unique and personalized designs. Promote the versatility of our baby grow, allowing resellers and customers to showcase their creativity through sublimation printing.