Ceramic 15oz Subimation Mug Blanks

SKU 5510021

Classic Elegance: Elevate your sublimation offerings with a timeless 15oz ceramic mug, a staple in the dye-sub market.

  • Material:Ceramic
  • Size: Dia:8.3cm ,Height:11.7cm
  • Printing : Standard mug heater
  • Packing(Egg Cell):36pcs/carton (43*29*36cm)
  • ITEM NO.:5510021

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Ceramic 15oz Subimation Mug Blanks

Discover the epitome of sublimation excellence with our Ceramic 15oz Sublimation Mug Blanks.

Crafted for resellers seeking a timeless classic in the sublimation market, this mug combines durability, vibrant prints, and a glossy finish.

The Ceramic 15oz Sublimation Mug Blanks by LOPO combine durability, glossy elegance, and vibrant prints for a sublimation experience that stands above the rest.

Ideal for resellers catering to customers seeking a timeless and personalized touch to their daily sips.


  • Timeless Classic: The 15oz sublimation mug is a staple in the dye-sub market, offering a traditional yet timeless canvas for customization. Provide your customers with a tried-and-true favorite for personalized mugs.
  • Glossy Finish: The mug’s glossy surface adds an elegant touch while creating a smooth canvas for vibrant sublimation prints. Achieve professional and eye-catching results with a glossy finish.
  • Durability Unmatched: Crafted with thick and durable ceramic, ensuring a mug that stands the test of time and countless sips. Offer customers a reliable and long-lasting sublimation product.
  • Vivid Sublimation Prints: The high-quality varnish allows for bright and vivid sublimation prints that captivate with every use. Ensure your customized mugs leave a lasting impression with vibrant colors.
  • Ready for Sublimation: This mug is ready to be customized using sublimation technology, providing a seamless and efficient process. Streamline your production process with mugs ready for customization.