MDF Factory

MDF had been in the market for more than decades, it started in the USA, a company named Unisub who developed this full series of products and now they’re still producing and making the best quality of this full series of products in the sublimation industry.

It came into the Chinese supply market about 10 years ago, started by some photo panel suppliers who know nothing about sublimation but just developed it upon their customer’s requirement.

Due LOPO was specialized in sublimation industry from the first beginning ,so there was no surprise that we found those suppliers and be partner with them to keep developing and improving the quality of the MDF sheet for sublimation.

We have our Now, the factory is located in Huizhou ,about one hour to drive from our head office in Shenzhen ,we are a partnership with them not 100% owned by LOPO . But with the years of developing products together ,growing together ,we managed to serve our customers with the best quality MDF products from China and at a reasonable price.

We had managed to get the double side printable MDF board with 3MM thickness, nature wood sheet with coating for sublimation, HPP sheet with higher density and more glossy surface, different thickness of MDF sheet for different types of photo panel use .So we could promise that the MDF products we offer should not be the best quality among the whole industry ,but should be the best among all the Chinese supply chain ,we could promise our price should not be the best but compared the quality it should be the most competitive one .

Factory Flow Chart