Introduced to the sublimation market in 2015, linen material has undergone various updates, evolving into the premier choice in sublimation textiles. Renowned for its vibrant and consistent printing quality, this fabric has garnered praise for its environmentally friendly and eco-conscious appeal. With its stylish, soft, and durable feel, linen has become a top choice for sublimation printing.

Development of Sublimation Linen Material

1st Generation (2015-2016)

Without backing liners, the prints got sticky and needed a quick separation after printing.
Plus, there was a bit of a problem with pilling.

Without Backing Liners

2nd Generation (2016-2017)

By using backing liners to prevent stickiness and increasing the thickness,
the finished products now with a sturdier appearance.
Despite these improvements, the material was still proned to pilling.

3rd Generation (2017-2023)

The fabric’s resistance to pilling has been upgraded
with a new raw material developed using an improved formula,
ensuring it remains soft at 460 GSM.
Plus, there are more color options available now,
providing greater possibilities for customization.

2023 linen material

4th Generation (2024)

With the latest formula and upgraded raw materials,
the fabric not only stays free from pilling while retaining its soft feel but is also now waterproof.
This enhancement not only prevents pilling
but also contributes to vibrant printing and various other features.

Production Line

5 Times QC Control

5 Times QC

Design Gallery

Printing Process

Linen Fabric Sublimation Printing Process

Linen Sublimation Blanks

Linen Sublimation Blanks